Over the years, TELELETTRA has developed an integrated management system with the aim of offering a service that complies with specific and regulatory requirements, which tends to fully satisfy the expectations of customers and stakeholders, respecting the primary health and safety rights of employees and environmental safeguard in which it operates.
The company obtained the Quality management system certification in 1993, one of the first installation companies in Italy.
In view of a continuous improvement of its performance and to present itself in the reference market as an attentive and sensitive partner in HSE issues, TELELETTRA has acquired in 2011 the certification of management systems for the Environment and Safety

TELELETTRA was awarded in 2015 and in 2018 with the Eni Safety Award for the category “Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance”, a prize which Eni assigns every year to the industrial realities that have achieved the best performances in the field of safety and that have also distinguished themselves for the commitment of the company.